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Garage Door Repair West Palm Beach

The gorgeous city of West Palm Beach is one of the many cities in the South Florida area, offering residents a stunning, comfortable, and exciting place to live, work, and play.

For those currently living in the city, dealing with life’s logistics can be challenging because there is always something to do off the Gold Coast.

So when your garage doors start acting up, everyone needs a reliable garage door service to call!

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Garage Door Repairs that You Can Trust in West Palm Beach, FL

Our garage door repair offers residents and business owners quick, simple, and courteous solutions.

Our technicians are licensed and insured experts who are capable of handling any kind of garage door problem!

Locating the Right Garage Door Services

When you set out to locate garage door repair service near me, you should be looking for a local, family-owned door company in West Palm Beach, FL.

Look into previous customer reviews, the business experience with garage door repair, and details about their operation.

Request a Free Estimate for Your Garage Doors

With Ben’s Garage Door Services, you can request a free quote for your repair needs when you need a part replaced or a new installation.

Our crew is dedicated to providing 24/7 service options, emergency response, and comprehensive garage door services!

Ben’s Has Developed a Reliable Garage Door Service Option for Any of Your Needs

Whether you are haggling with residential and commercial garage doors, Ben’s has cultivated extensive experience and remains current on our knowledge and training to ensure that your garage doors and repair requirements are fulfilled!

garage door services in palm beach

General Garage Door Repair Solutions

If your garage door broke, you don’t need to immediately jump to the worst conclusions or consider a new garage door when Ben’s techs are prepared to provide our knowledge and expertise for your benefit.

Broken Spring Replacement

A garage door spring is meant to help carry the weight of your doors safely and ensure they remain balanced and safe for use.

When your garage door springs are worn or snapped, our specialists can help to replace your torsion and extension springs!

Getting Your Garage Door on Track

Your door tracks are another essential element to the system, as they guide your doors securely up and down the structure.

If you notice that your door is hanging sideways, cannot open or close properly, or the tracks are clearly damaged – reach out to Ben’s technicians for a free inspection and repair!

Restoring Your Garage Door System with Licensed Professionals

Our crew is licensed and knowledgeable about garage doors and is dedicated to prompt service options to keep your household functioning as usual.

New Garage Door Installation

If you have turned to a garage door dealer or begun researching garage door installation, you have landed the right business for the job!

Ben’s door technicians have been completing professional installations for over a decade, and we are committed to making your installation as simple and straightforward as possible.

Are You Ready to Install New Garage Doors in the West Palm Beach Area?

If you notice any of the following issues with your doors, then it may be the right time for installation services:

  • An aging door, over 20 years old.
  • Severe damages.
  • High costs.
  • Lack of maintenance.
  • Unsafe operations, etc.
Quality Service & Customer Satisfaction is GUARANTEED

If you have called Ben’s, you are contacting the right place, as our techs always aim to provide elite installations and complete customer satisfaction!

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Experienced Repairs for Your Garage Door Opener

Openers are just as important as the rest of your structure.

Your opening mechanisms are in complete control of your automatic operations, and when you run into hurdles, a reputable repair service is required~

Most Common Garage Door Opener Repair

Ben’s team of professionals makes themselves available to ensure every last one of our customers is cared for.

Our experts provide premium garage door opener repair!

Deciding between Repair or Replacement for your Garage Door Openers

Sometimes repair services aren’t enough, and professional install a new opener is necessary in the following situations:

  • Consistent problems with opening and closing.
  • Safety concerns.
  • Hopes for noise reduction.
  • Outdated technologies.
  • Hopes for new and improved functions.

Installing New Garage Door Openers

Our technicians can help provide a free quote in locating the perfect garage door openers for your household!

Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener for Your House in South Florida

Our crew works with the best manufacturers and supplies a wide variety of opening mechanisms to ensure our customers have access to state-of-the-art opener systems.

Continued Garage Door Maintenance Options

If you are hoping to avoid the consistent repair of garage doors and want to keep your systems functioning at your best – Ben’s maintenance services are the answer!

garage door maintenance services

Benefits of Routine Maintenance for Your Garage Doors in West Palm Beach

Committing to professional maintenance solutions offers the following:

  • Increasing the lifespan of your structure.
  • Improving your property safety and security.
  • Enhanced functions.
  • Saving money due to the reduced need for repairs.
  • Maintaining access to your warranty options and beyond!
Protection for Hurricane Season

Ben’s can also help with reinforced garage doors to stay safe and keep you covered during hurricane season!

This is one of Florida’s leading causes of damage, so if you are ready for a solution, contact our office today.

People Also Ask

How much does it cost to repair a garage door in West Palm Beach, FL?

Your garage door repair costs will inevitably vary depending on the company you choose to book your services with, what is required, and if replacement parts are needed.

Typically, garage door repairs in West Palm Beach, FL, can cost anywhere from $150 to $900, but scheduling an appointment for a free estimate can give you a more accurate idea of your total cost.

Should you fix your own garage door in West Palm Beach, FL?

When something is broken in your house or garage, homeowners immediately want to troubleshoot and fix the issues.

However, the typical person wants to get things done because there is so much to do and a busy schedule; however, it is not a good idea to attempt garage door repair or maintenance alone.

Why is my garage door bending in the middle when I close it?

Your garage door may be catching on something, so you should schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable technician in your neighborhood so they can disconnect the entire trolley and inspect the issue.

Your garage is no longer in alignment.

Your door is falling off track, or the tracks are damaged.

crooked garage door repair palm beach

What do you do when the garage door is crooked?

When and if you notice that your garage door is crooked or uneven, you should discontinue use and attempt not to force the door manually.

You could have an issue with your door tracks or springs, which requires assistance from a local door company!

Why is my garage door sagging in the middle?

When your garage doors begin sagging towards the middle of the structure, you are likely dealing with one of the following problems:

  • Garage door springs are having issues distributing the weight of your doors and may require replacement services.
  • Your door cables are worn out and should be replaced by courteous, knowledgeable technicians.

How do I know what size spring to get for my garage door?

The most important things to note are the entire length of the spring options and the total weight of your garage doors before installing something new.

This is best left up to a garage tech, who can help you review all the options suitable to lift and lower your garage door.

Can garage door springs be replaced?

Yes, the technician must replace the structures when your springs are broken, as they cannot be repaired.

Which garage door spring is best?

Homeowners in South Florida can utilize both torsion and extension springs for their doors.

However, a torsion spring is often more reliable as it is sturdy, durable, and lasts longer than an extension garage door spring.

Is LiftMaster better than a Genie garage door opener?

Genie and LiftMaster are both established manufacturers in the industry and develop innovative and dependable opener solutions for the public.

LiftMaster is known for a more extensive selection of door openers, advanced technologies, quiet motor options, and user-accessible functions!

Contact Ben’s for High-Quality Garage Door Repair Solutions

Residents and businesses use their garage doors daily, so maintaining their functions, aesthetics, and security is essential.

With Ben’s, you have a local, family-owned company you can lean on no matter what happens with your doors!

Request a Free Estimate for Your Repairs Today

Contact Ben’s when you are looking for a local tech and business to help with your repair, replacement, or installation project.

Our technicians will offer quick, efficient, and affordable solutions to ensure your garage doors are always running safely!

Our Most Recent Customer Reviews

Rue B. West Palm Beach, FLThis garage door business provides excellent service!

“I am so happy with Ben’s door services!

Their team of licensed techs arrived quickly and provided repairs for the right price.”

Rue B. West Palm Beach, FL

Debra Y. West Palm Beach, FLOur technician arrived quickly and helped restore our garage doors!

“We have had some panel damage from a recent storm, and instead of replacing the entire door, Ben’s crew was able to fix the individual panels!

If you are looking for reputable garage door repair in our neighborhood, off 12th Street, and neighboring areas, contact Ben’s technicians!”

Debra Y. West Palm Beach, FL

Carla G. West Palm Beach, FLBroken springs didn’t hold us back with the help of Ben’s professional techs!

“When our garage door springs snapped, I needed garage door service fast.

We wanted to get over to Clematis Street for the Farmer’s Market and Ben’s Garage Door Service, and they made sure they fixed our garage doors so we could continue with our day!”

Carla G. West Palm Beach, FL

The Perez Family West Palm Beach, FLOur new installation project was seamless and completely stress-free!

“I had been putting off new garage door installation services until I found the right business to help with the project for our home off Amaryllis Lane.

Ben’s provided a great service, walked us through everything, and provided many styles and manufacturers until we located the perfect doors for our family!”

The Perez Family West Palm Beach, FL

Walter W. West Palm Beach, FLQuick assistance with our garage door track replacement!

“Our garage door was hanging sideways, and it looked like it could fall at any moment, so we called Ben’s Garage Door Services for support.

They arrived at our home off Chapel Street, assessed the situation, and got everything back on track!”

Walter W. West Palm Beach, FL

Drita D. West Palm Beach, FLReliable, knowledgeable, and dependable garage door repair in West Palm Beach!

“After reading through all the excellent reviews on Angie’s List, I knew I was choosing the right garage door company.

Ben’s technicians were highly knowledgeable, clearly explained our options, and provided the best garage door repair services I have ever received!”

Drita D. West Palm Beach, FL

Sherri W. West Palm Beach, FLI called for a free inspection & they responded immediately!

“First thing in the morning, I went to open my garage doors, but they wouldn’t move.

My car was officially stuck in our garage off Elmhurst Road; I couldn’t get to work and needed an emergency appointment.

Ben’s Garage Door Service supplied a prompt inspection, located the issue with our cables, and made replacements!”

Sherri W. West Palm Beach, FL

Wendy S. West Palm Beach, FLA highly professional & efficient garage door company at a reasonable price!

“Our neighbors referred us to Ben’s Garage Door Services when we needed our garage door spring replaced.

Their team got the job done, reviewed all the parts of our garage, and were extremely communicative and courteous throughout the project!”

Wendy S. West Palm Beach, FL

Emily T. West Palm Beach, FLThe crew provided great service & did a fantastic job with garage door opener repairs!

“When our garage door opener simply stopped working, I needed a speedy door repair service.

The crew responded very quickly to our house off N Shore Drive, provided an affordable estimate, and repaired our garage door opener!”

Emily T. West Palm Beach, FL

Frank & Renee O. West Palm Beach, FLWe love our brand-new garage door opener!

“Our family has been living off of Park Avenue E for a very long time, and our garage door opener had also been around for quite a while.

It was well past time to install a new opening system, and Ben’s did an excellent job making the process simple and providing a large group of options for our new myQ garage door opener!”

Frank & Renee O. West Palm Beach, FL

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