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Living and working in Southwest Florida comes with sky-blue waters, white sandy beaches, and being surrounded by people who love to live their lives out loud and outdoors – because when you have consistent access to scenery this ethereal, there is no other way to do things.

Home and business owners are accustomed to this environment, and while existing in paradise can put you into a dreamlike state of being, some moments occur that will set you back into the grips of reality.

Garage doors are typically the most significant entry point to any kind of property, and they are often used for just that.

When those garage doors aren’t in their best condition or things go awry, leaning on a reputable garage door company in Sarasota, FL, answers all your questions, concerns, and fears.

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Bens Garage Door have been servicing homes and businesses throughout Sarasota FL for many years

garage door repairBen’s Garage Door Services – A Family Business for Southern Garage Doors

Ben’s Garage Door is an elite, locally owned and operated business and garage door company in Florida. 

It provides professional garage door repair, installation, and maintenance solutions for friends, family members, and neighbors in the neighborhood!

As a local business in Sarasota, FL, we have made it our responsibility to uplift our clients with quality products, services, and a team of qualified technicians to offer their expert opinion when you run into issues with your garage door.

When your garage door opener is suddenly on the frits, your garage doors are damaged due to winds and storms in the area, your cables aren’t working correctly, or you have been curious how a new garage door would look with your recent home renovations – Ben’s Garage Door business was made for just about any situation you may find yourself in.

When your garage door mechanism is broken down, or certain aspects remain out of order, it can cause a great inconvenience in your life, disrupt your schedule, and add unnecessary stress to your mental state.

Ben’s garage door service in Sarasota, FL, is the safety net that caters to your needs, your timeframe, and any exceptional circumstances that may surround the project.

free estimate garage door
A free estimate for servicing your garage door is a right, not a special privilege. We provide free, no-obligation quotes for all our clients!

estimateFree Quote on Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair Needs

Garage doors may seem indestructible, and often, when we think about our garage space as a functioning unit, it is difficult to foresee the need for repairsnew garage doors, etc.

Life is much simpler when you aren’t disrupted by chaotic events every other day, and that is why having excellent service on your side when things don’t go as planned – gives you the ability to remain in control of your household and business.

There is too much to do in Southwest Florida than to spend your time worrying about garage door repair or installation procedures.

Before going with the first company, you can, just because they are located in the Sarasota area – think again.

As a customer, all your questions should be answered before booking any kind of garage door service, and requesting estimates from various companies in Manatee counties offers a unique perspective.

Requesting an accurate quote and different quotes depending on your needs will allow you to compare and contrast garage door companies, ask questions, and ensure the cost and rates are within your budget.

Ben’s Garage Door services in Sarasota, FL, provides a complimentary estimate and full consultation for any garage door repairs, replacement, or installation requirements.

It is our privilege to serve the community, and we want to remain transparent with our clients to ensure that all of their basic needs and more are always being met and exceeded whenever possible.

repairing garage doors
Repairing garage doors is not as difficult as you may think. Our same day services mean that we’ll be out of your hair in no time!

stressedGarage Door Repairs Don’t Have to be an Inconvenience

When your garage doors are making strange noises, you may be wondering what is going on, and furthermore, it is probably causing you some anxiety.

You will be the first to notice when something is off, but it doesn’t have to disrupt your entire life because leaning on legitimate garage door repair in Sarasota, FL, gives you room to breathe and decompress.

It is innate that things that are a part of our properties will be damaged, and others will need to be replaced.

This is a fact of being a home and business owner in Southwest Florida and across America.

When you are in a position like this, securing top-notch garage door repair services in Florida will resolve your current issues, and who knows – they may end up being a company you love!

Ben’s Garage tailors all and customizes the environment they create, whether you are inquiring about overhead garage door service, broken garage door opener, or new garage doors.

Our team is proud to serve and offer solutions to the community we are a part of. 

We continue efforts forward that will evolve the way garage door repair is completed, used, and received.

expertiseCustomer Satisfaction Starts With Your Service Technician

While garage doors all have similarities, no two doors are exactly alike.

Which signals to companies and clients that you cannot treat any two customers the same.

Our technicians are dedicated to furthering their experience, continuing professional development, and upholding a healthy working environment.

Our client’s satisfaction is always our priority, which is why we ensure all the following benefits are included with your garage door services in Sarasota, FL:

  • A trusted team of licensed and highly trained garage door experts to serve your house or business.
  • Same-day garage door repair because our crew understands how important it is to find a resolution as quickly as possible.
  • New install and repair for all significant brands.
  • 24/7 garage door support, which includes evenings and weekends.
  • Labor is guaranteed, and products provide a warranty.
  • Emergency garage door services are always available.
  • Knowledgeable customer service team to walk you through the process!
garage door replacing
Sometimes you just know when it’s time to give your garage doors the heave-ho. If you’re unsure though, speak to a member of our team and we’ll advice what to do.

unsure uncertainThinking About New Garage Doors?

Garage door installation is a big project, and when you are in the market for a new garage door, finding the perfect one is the only option.

Garage doors act as a line of defense against the outside world and anyone who does not have immediate access to the property.

It is their purpose to protect anything that remains inside their barrier.

Therefore, your garage door operations must remain safe and secure for anyone entering or exiting the house or your place of business.

Shopping for new garage doors can feel like a big task to tackle, on top of the installation process and procedure, because there are many different options and brands to choose from.

In Sarasota, FL, garage professionals will ensure that you choose the right doors for your household as they have background experience and loads of knowledge in this field.

garage door repairsSimple Garage Door Installation Solutions

For Ben’s Garage Door in Sarasota, FL, garage door installation is more than just a job.

Our technicians deliver top-notch craftsmanship, garage door choices, and warranties.

Committing to new garage doors is a major decision, and it is our responsibility to ensure our company completes the project to absolute perfection.

When you go with Ben’s to install your new garage doors, you are guaranteed the following:

  • Free detailed estimate, which will remain budget-conscious.
  • Plenty of garage door options.
  • Highly experienced technicians to complete labor.
  • Fast and friendly installation services.
  • High-quality technology.
  • Continued maintenance for your new door!
garage door opener
Your garage door opener makes life so much more convenient, so it’s worth investing in!

garage door openerGarage Door Opener Repair Made Easy

Garage door openers are necessary for everyday garage door operations.

Without a reliable garage door opener, you would have to open and close your every manually, and in Sarasota, FL, no one has time for that!

There are a few different kinds of garage door openers, fit for different kinds of garage types, and depending on which kind you currently have – when something goes wrong, it can be a headache.

Ben’s Garage Door service is here to relieve any tension you are experiencing due to your garage door opener problems and supply our team to repair, replace, or install something brand new!

remoteTrust Your Locally Owned Garage Door Business for Garage Door Openers

Ben’s garage door opener repair service brings your garage mechanism back to life!

It is our job and responsibility to ensure our customers can instill their trust in our company for their every garage door need.

If your opening mechanism is having issues, then keep an eye out for any of these common concerns that other Sarasota residents have experienced:

  • Remotes and keypads have stopped working; while this can be a common issue with the wireless system, you must consult a reputable repair service for further information.
  • The garage door is not operating; this could be a simple fix with your rollers, as they need constant maintenance and lubrication in Sarasota.
  • The motor is running, but your garage door is not working correctly; sometimes, this calls for a new motor install or repair.
  • The motor is no longer operating at all.

Regardless of the details, if you are searching for garage door opener repair, parts replacement, or installation assistance – with Ben’s Garage, the job is done!

garage door springs
Don’t allow your garage door springs to fall into disrepair with rust or other damages. Talk to us today about scheduling a maintenance appointment!

garage door springsGarage Door Spring Replacement By a Professional Technician

Many times, it seems like the most significant boundaries in life, some about at the most inconvenient times.

Garage door springs are truly the backbone of your garage doors; they carry all the weight and help to maintain safe operations.

In Sarasota, both torsion and extension springs can become worn down due to the environment. When you begin to notice that your garage door is experiencing any kind of struggle to open or close – it may be time to call in garage door spring repair near me for the job.

Your doors springs are highly durable as it is their sole purpose to maintain weight and balance for those doors, but since we utilize the mechanism multiple times a day, they will begin to wear down after only a decade of use.

Ben’s Garage Door believes in strengthening your garage doors and always ensuring they are leading the industry to new ways to secure the systems better.

If you notice anything out of line with your springs – rusted, worn, broken, or snapped – contact Ben’s garage experts immediately for same-day repair or replacement service options.

off track garage doorsSecuring a Garage Door Off-Track

If you have ever experienced garage doors falling off track, you know how unpleasant this event can be.

garage door fell off-track, and then everyone who is in the general vicinity is at risk of further damage to the garage door and possible harm if anything else does go wrong.

Instead of waiting for that to happen, reach out to the specialists who can guarantee a quick fix for the problem, and it restores a general level of safety for your garage space.

Ben’s technicians have the equipment, experience, and knowledge necessary to get your garage doors right back on track – where those doors always should have been in the first place!

If there are more significant issues at play – track replacement service and installation options are also available.

weather proof hurricane garage door florida
A good garage door should be able to withstand everything Mother Nature can throw at it, from hurricane force winds to 100 degree temperatures

heavy rainHurricane Protection for Residents & Businesses in Manatee Counties

Our garage doors offer our homes and businesses ample protection, but in the case of Florida hurricanes and sometimes even tornadoes in certain areas, they are at risk, too.

These doors remain vulnerable to the outside world, and when winds are swirling over 100 miles per hour, you will want to be ready before it happens.

hurricane-reinforced garage door will help to strengthen any weak areas of your garage, for it will provide multiple layers for the material to ensure it has both horizontal and vertical anchors, and it will then remain impact-resistant in the event a tropical storm pattern comes rolling through.

Most modern homes in Sarasota, NaplesEstero, and Coral Gables are being built with these kinds of garage doors installed upon purchase, but if you have recently moved into an older home or you just haven’t gotten around to thinking about it yet – now is the time.

When consumers remain proactive about their property, they will reap many benefits and save money in the short and long term.

Ben’s Garage Door offers premium hurricane reinforcement services, and our team always recommends completing yours before the season arrives.

maintenanceA Garage Door Company With Superior Maintenance Options

Garage door maintenance is just as essential as anything else you spend time maintaining, and it is with the advice of professionals that you commit to the continued upkeep of your garage doors.

Continued maintenance for your garage door mechanism will extend its general lifespan, smooth out daily operations, ensure everything looks nice, and the overall aesthetics of the door remain intact and even enticing to anyone who has the pleasure of walking or driving by!

Ben’s Garage Door in Sarasota, FL, offers superior garage door maintenance services that include the following:

  • Complete inspection of the garage door system and its parts to visibly examine for damage or repair needs.
  • Testing and tightening of all hardware used for the mechanism.
  • Reviewing the garage door balance and ensuring all aspects of the unit are appropriately aligned for continued use.
  • Inspection of rollers in case replacement or additional lubrication is required.
  • Replacement of weatherstripping and reinforcements in place.
  • Cable checks for safety.
  • Review of all automatic safety features.
  • Inspection of garage door tracks and cleaning if necessary.
  • Full-scale cleaning of all surfaces, garage doors, rusting, etc.
garage door opener repair florida
Whether it’s repairs, replacements or routine maintenance check-ups, Bens Garage Door are just a phone call away!

racing vanFrom Our Family-Owned Garage Door Repair Company to Yours

Garage doors should never contribute negatively to your life or place of business.

Your doors are there to offer a sense of security and protection.

The Ben’s Garage Door family has made it our mission to provide all our clients and community members in Sarasota and surrounding areas with easy access to repair services, new garage doors, garage door openers, springs, rollers, cables, etc.

call us todayContact our Licensed Service Tech for Your Free Quote

If your garage doors aren’t operating like they used to, if they are unprepared for the upcoming storm season, or if you are craving something new – Ben’s Garage is just the solution you need!

Contact our company for a free estimate, consultation, and further information on our service options and how these services can increase the predictability of your business and decrease the stress limits within your household.

We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to hearing from you!

Feeling stumped about your garage door problems? Call us today and we’ll be happy to assist!

faqFrequently Asked Questions on the Job Site in Sarasota, FL

cloth wipeWhat can I do about garage door rust?

Garage doors in Sarasota, FL, often have a good bit of moisture due to the heat, humidity, and weather conditions.

This can cause your garage door components and trim work to end up with serious rusting, whether you have a residential or commercial garage door unit.

You don’t have to replace the parts of the whole immediately, and while all of your questions may still be lingering, this is a job for your handy, professional garage door repair technician!

There are a few things you, as a customer, can do in the comforts of your own home or workplace:

  • Head into your bathroom, soak a cloth with water and white vinegar, and wipe down any areas incurring rust. Getting rid of the layers is your first step to clean and healthy garage doors.
  • Repair and fill any damages or holes in the area because that gap can cause the area to rust further.
  • Wash down the entire door and its parts and let it dry completely.
  • Consider painting the garage door for a quick fix, but if you aren’t sure the structure is still safe, check in with a professional to have the garage doors replaced.
transparent pricing
A free and transparent quote will provide you with all the info you need to budget for your garage door renovations!

cost of repairHow much does it cost to have my garage door replaced?

Garage door installation service costs can vary across Sarasota, FL.

The price of your job will depend mainly upon a few different things: size, scope, time, labor, and materials.

When you choose to replace a garage door for your house, it will likely be priced differently than it would for a company needing to replace a set of industrial garage doors.

Most every residential and commercial door company will offer a free quote for your business or family beforehand, allowing you to review your options in advance thoroughly.

The typical cost of a new garage door will run you anywhere from $1,000.00 to $4,200.00, and as a customer, it is essential to consult with a quality service before moving forward with the project.

commercial garage doorWhat kind of garage door openers should I use for a commercial garage door?

Garage door openers for commercial needs are very different than what is typically utilized for residential homes.

Most of the time, in commercial operations, you will want to use garage door openers that are trolley or jackshaft.

These options are capable of lifting and lowering large, heavy doors and will remain reliable throughout their lifetime.

Both of these options are mounted within the garage area and have the power to lift commercial-grade doors, but for more detailed information about the best type of opener for your specific garage type and use, work with garage door technicians to decide on which will best serve your company!

maintenanceDo I have to hire a garage technician for garage door repairs?

Locating an excellent service in Southwest Florida to assist with your garage door repair needs whether you are in Fort Myers, Sarasota, or anywhere throughout the Manatee counties – allows the stress to be removed from your shoulders and guarantees your family a secure garage door unit.

The typical customer requesting repair services is reaching out to a legitimate technician because they have already troubleshot the situation and cannot resolve it themselves.

Attempting to repair and/or replace garage door parts on your own puts you in a vulnerable scenario, and it can even be dangerous considering the weight of your average garage door.

Instead of getting too far ahead of yourself, consider how your garage doors could benefit from a professional opinion and licensed experts because, at the end of the day, if you don’t understand what you are doing, you may put yourself in a very compromising situation.

client satisfaction reviews
Check out some of our reviews!

client reviewsRecent Residential & Commercial Door Reviews from Southwest Florida

personaGarage Door Springs Debaucle in Fort Myers

“With all the moving parts involved with our garage unit, we didn’t often think about everything that went into the everyday operations.

Our house schedule flew out the window when our garage door spring broke.

I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to, but luckily, after a few phone calls, our friend in Port St Lucie referred us to Ben’s Garage Door Services.

They are such a great company offering excellent service at a fair price, and we couldn’t be any more delighted than we are with our new spring and fully functioning garage door!” – Brooke J.

personaLocating Overhead Garage Door Service in North Port

“We had multiple issues with our garage doors in our Florida warehouse, and no one was sure how to deal with it.

I began the search for reputable commercial garage door repair services in the area.

Precision Garage Door and Banko Overhead Doors are about our needs. 

Still, they could not offer the affordable prices we found with Ben’s Garage Door Service in Sarasota, FL, for our overhead garage door service!

Since I own my own business, I understand what goes into the process, but I absolutely love that they offered a fair price and quality products for our repairs and replacements.” – Chuck R.

personaHurricane Prep in Sarasota, Florida

“Living in Sarasota, FL, we all have to worry about how hurricane season can negatively affect our homes.

These things are somewhat out of our control for people every day, but we didn’t want to fall victim to costly repairs and possibly the need for new installation due to a tropical storm.

Ben’s Garage Door service tech was professional and provided a quality service, reinforcing our garage.

They ultimately reinforced our garage doors, allowing us to feel at ease about any kind of weather that may make its way through our neighborhood.

Now our family feels prepared to take on the rest of the season without worrying about catastrophic damage.” – Derek T.

personaOur Florida Family’s New Garage Door

“We recently relocated from West Palm Beach, so our household is familiar with Southwest Florida, but we didn’t know about the garage door repair and installation services in the area.

We needed a solid team of installers that could complete the service request without extra charge.

After reviewing our vision for our new garage doors with multiple companies, we decided on a top-notch, locally-owned company in Sarasota, FL, Ben’s Garage Door Services!

Out of all the garage door companies we interviewed, they had the most affordable prices without compromising the quality and craftsmanship that went into installing our new door.

We are just delighted with the final product and would recommend Ben’s Garage Door to all of our friends and family!” – Anita A.

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