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The homes and businesses in Port Saint Lucie have just as much personality as the community.

Port St Lucie, FL, is a place that makes people feel good, with diverse job and economic opportunities, a growing population, a gorgeous environment, and even better vibes – you can’t get much better than this city!

It is a big deal, and so are the people that make up the city.

So, when you need reliable garage door repairs, chances are you want to have a fully licensed repair and installation service that you can lean on.

Ben’s Garage Door Service in Port St Lucie, FL, provides the people of this city with honest, transparent, and accessible garage door repair solutions.

Our crew of technicians is dedicated to bringing the best services right to your home or business, simplifying your life, and ensuring that you walk away without any added stress.

garage door replacement
Our team of professionals offer repair and replacement services at affordable rates!

affordable ratesGuaranteed Garage Repair at a Great Price

When your garage door is damaged after crazy weather blows in, your student drive-in the house accidentally backs into the garage door tracks, or your unit is simply aging and slowly breaking down – having garage door service and repair in Port St Lucie, FL, that you can lean on is essential to the continued function of your household.

The same is true for businesses, whether you run a retail store or run operations out of a warehouse – utilizing garage door repair with industrial strength is precisely required!

garage doorDoor repair and installation services are a natural part of owning property because, at one point or another, you will likely have to make repairs or replacements.

It is best to have a local garage door company in your phone contacts when the time comes.

Ben’s Garage Door repair service in Port St Lucie, FL, strives to be everything our customers need and more as a family-owned business apart of the neighborhood – our family aims to support you and yours in any way possible.

estimateFree Estimate for All of Your Garage Door Repair and Installation Needs

Ben’s offers free estimates on all of our garage solutions.

Whether you are in the market for a new opener in Palm City or you simply need a few repairs completed for your garage door – whatever your needs are, it is our priority to supply affordable options.

When you are searching for garage door repair near me in the Port St Lucie area, Ben’s is at the top of the list.

We deliver what other garage door contractors can’t because our work is more than just a job; it is a passion project.

When you are dealing with garage issues, gaining free estimates allows you also to gain a better footing in the repair procedures, your needs, and a projected cost breakdown of it all.

Repair quotes offer you a unique perspective on your options.

You have a chance to compare costs to your monthly budget; you can plan for the repairs if it is something that you can put off, and in the case of an emergency – you can shop around and gain multiple estimates from various local companies before making your final decision.

These are moments to take control as a consumer and ensure you pick a large door repair company that suits your unique wants and needs!

Port St Lucie is home to some of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in Florida.

qualityThe Highest Quality Garage Door Services in South Florida

Port Saint Lucie is a beautifully stunning city.

It is a hot tourist spot in Florida, inviting newcomers looking for a different place to plant their roots.

As homeowners or business owners in Port St Lucie, your garage is your responsibility.

The general upkeep, repairs, and any replacements all fall in your lap, so when any garage door services are required, it is nice to turn to a helping hand.

Having Ben’s Garage Door professional service right around the corner will benefit your household and business because our crew is there to make your life easy and stress-free.

Our garage door repair and installation company provides the following:

  • Licensed and insured technicians who continue to gain experience to further their professional development.
  • Around-the-clock and same-day service is available to ensure your garage door needs are met as soon as possible.
  • Fully staffed customer care solutions ready to answer your questions and provide mobile support.
  • Straight-forward pricing for all repairs, replacement, installation, and specialty services.
  • Total customer satisfaction is always guaranteed!
unsure about garage door
Unsure about whether your garage door needs replacing or simply repairing?

garage doorIs it Time for a Brand New Garage Door?

While our team offers guaranteed garage repair to fix your current garage problems – getting a new garage door is an exciting time, and it just so happens to be one of our many specialties!

There are a million different reasons our clients opt for repair and installation, but deciding on a complete replacement is not something that you should do half-heartedly.

There are many benefits to reap from a set of new doors, and you must understand what you are looking for in yours.

It may be time for a garage door repair or something new if you notice any of the following:

  • Excessive damage or wear and tear to the door or garage door opener components.
  • Issues with essential functions.
  • Problems and safety concerns around your garage door operations.
  • Increase in your energy bills.
  • Dissatisfaction with the appearance.
  • A garage door that has surpassed its age limit.

installation repairSecure Installation for Residential and Commercial Clients

Garage door installation should be a project you can consider, show your personality, and get creative.

It is not just as simple as searching for garage door installers in my area because you will want a garage door installation business that you can easily collaborate with and one that understands your vision.

Sometimes, the garage door installation project is solely for practical and functional purposes, but regardless of the reasons – you don’t want to clash with your garage door experts in Port St Lucie, FL.

Ben’s Garage Door services are there to support and uplift you – your wants, your needs.

It is our goal to make the garage door installation process as smooth and seamless as possible, but on the same token, the input of your client matters.

Our garage door technicians will consistently deliver quick, same-day service, even for installation, because these are your garage doors and your life and business.

We have made it our business to ensure your life operates as smoothly as your new door!

garage door opener
Garage door openers should be fully functional at all times…especially if you want your doors to work when you wish them to!

garage door openerGarage Door Openers Should Always Work

Many garage door repair projects feature none other than the main feature – garage door openers.

Your garage door opener is the brains for your garage door mechanism, and when it is not working correctly, it can throw everything off.

Garage door opener repair and installation projects are not always the most exciting tasks, but when your garage door suddenly shows any of the following signs.

It may be time to consider calling in a local garage door repair company in Port Saint Lucie for garage door opener replacement or repair…

  • The opening mechanism is not receiving power, or there are issues with the electric components.
  • The engine within the garage door opener is running, but the garage door itself is not opening or closing.
  • The carriage is moving, but it is not prompting the door to move.
  • The drive is loud or makes unusual noises.
  • Your garage door opener has wholly failed to turn on or operate.

maintenanceBut When Your Garage Door Opener Isn’t, Call the Top Garage Door Companies in Port St Lucie, FL

Garage door opener repair is not a simple job; it requires the correct knowledge, training, and experience – in some cases, garage door opener installation is required.

No matter what is going on, you must have a reliable garage door repair business behind you to support you through the service and provide continued care after the fact.

Ben’s Garage Door in Port Saint Lucie supplies elite garage door repair and installation options and replacement parts. 

It will always ensure everything is done as quickly and as efficiently as possible!

garage door spring replacement
Garage door springs are susceptible to rust if not properly oiled. A little TLC can save you money!

garage door springsBroken Springs Shouldn’t Break the Bank

Is your garage door spring broken, or are you worried about roller replacement services?

Since garage doors are utilized so often, the parts within often receive a lot of wear and tear, which requires continued maintenance service and specific treatments.

In Florida, every part of your property and garage doors are exposed to the elements, heat, humidity, and moisture that naturally exists outdoors.

So, it is no wonder that garage door spring components can succumb to the environment around them and become rusted or weakened.

When a door springs break – you will hear it or notice your garage door sagging, falling, or having issues with its regular operations immediately.

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, then it is time to reach out to a reputable garage door repair service in Port Saint Lucie for help.

Ben’s Garage Door has everything covered and more, even the things you may not have noticed yet!

It is our biggest priority to make these inconveniences easy and to ensure that we keep costs down so that when unexpected things break, our customers are still capable of walking through things with our technicians with ease!

garage door track rollersHas Your Garage Door Found Its Way Off-Track?

Garage doors off the Treasure Coast must have a different kind of strength than what we see throughout the rest of the country.

Even though things aren’t the same in the Port Saint Lucie area as they are for everyone else, our community has the luxury of sitting on the coast and enjoying the sun and sand any day of the week!

Our homes and businesses deserve to be as beautiful as their surroundings, but that doesn’t mean they don’t experience technical difficulties.

When your garage door off-track, this can be an urgent and even an emergency situation that requires immediate repair service as those tracks are meant to guide your garage doors up and down the system safely.

Securing the doors is the first step in getting things back on track, but this takes assistance from professionals in Port Saint Lucie, FL.

Ben’s Garage Door repair service is there when you need it most, and no matter where you are located across the Atlantic Coast – we are dedicated to delivering you fast relief!

garage door maintenance
Don’t wait for your garage door to suffer problems. Routine maintenance will ensure you face minimal costs.

maintenanceCommit to Garage Door Maintenance

Every aspect of our lives and businesses requires maintenance.

If you don’t dedicate change, time, and continued effort towards something, it will eventually dismantle and fall apart.

Our garage doors are used so often that they, too, need additional care and routine check-ups.

Scheduling annual garage door maintenance and continuous upkeep when you notice it is needed is a part of being a home or property owner in Florida.

Lucky for you, Ben’s technicians service garage doors all over the state, and we have seen more than just a thing or two.

Maintenance is something we advocate for because remaining proactive about your garage doors means extending their lifespan, keeping things clean,

heavy rainDon’t Forget About Hurricane Season – Even With Steel Garage Doors

Hurricanes and tropical storms are events that speak for themselves, and many have seen the devastating effects they can have on homes and garage doors.

One storm can change everything, and when it comes to harsh weather conditions, preparing yourself, your family, and your workplace for the worst-case scenario will set you up for success if it occurs.

Garage doors in Port St Lucie, Estero, Fort Pierce, NaplesSarasota, or anywhere throughout the Sunshine State should consistently be reinforced and sometimes even replaced to better stand up against crazy winds, rain, and moisture.

At Ben’s Garage Door, we service our customers with thorough inspections, reinforcement, and even replacement when necessary.

Because hurricane reinforcement is even essential for steel garage doors, wood garage doors, or any kind of door!

van driving through street
Our professionals have been servicing homes and business all throughout Port St Lucie FL

bens garage door logoBen’s Garage Door Service – Servicing All Your Garage Door Repair Needs in Port St Lucie, FL

Everyone’s garage doors off the Treasure Coast deserve care from local garage door experts.

The key is locating the exemplary repair service to assist with your garage doors, their needs, problems, and resolutions.

Ben’s Garage Door in Port St Lucie, FL, provides superior garage door repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance service options to upgrade the quality of your garage doors and, in turn, the rest of your life!

same day serviceContact Our Experts for Same Day Service Today

Contact our excellent customer care team for more information about our repair solutions and get your garage doors the support they need!

Our team offers same-day garage door repair and installation services in Port St Lucie, and we can’t wait to get started on providing comfort for your household and ease for your workplace.

faq garage doors
Let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your garage door. We’re a phone call away!

faqFrequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Service

unsureHow do I choose a professional service for garage door repair?

When you are having issues with your garage doors, garage door openers, or any part of your garage – choosing the right garage door company for the job ensures the success of this repair project.

Without a professional service in Port Saint Lucie, you may end up in a situation that becomes even more costly than you initially thought.

That is why picking out the right company is your best option.

Ben’s Garage Door services Port St Lucie, FL, Fort Pierce, Palm City, the Treasure Coast, and many of the surrounding metro areas with elite garage door repair at a reasonable price!

diy kitCan I fix a faulty garage door cable?

Broken springs and cables concern residential homeowners and commercial business owners alike.

While it is not impossible to fix a garage door cable by yourself, it is not the brightest idea.

Calling on the professionals is your best bet when you are having issues with any of your garage parts because they can offer safe garage door repair services that are completed in a timely manner.

coilHow can I tell if my garage door torsion spring is broken?

When a garage door spring breaks, you may likely be able to tell almost immediately – if you don’t hear it first.

There are different kinds of garage door springs – torsion and extension.

With a torsion spring, you will notice any of the following symptoms if you do have a broken spring:

  • The garage door opener is having difficulty or even straining during use.
  • Your garage door is slamming to the ground.
  • You hear the spring popping while using the garage door.
  • The door isn’t opening or closing per usual.
  • The door won’t ever pause operations – it is closed or open, with no in-between.

scheduleHow long does a garage door installation take?

This answer depends on whether or not you are replacing a garage door or garage doors – because size will always matter in the installation process.

Generally, a new garage door can take three to six hours, but again, this can change based on experience level.

The more experienced the crew, the easier and faster they will be able to have your brand-new garage doors installed!

client reviews
Check out some of our more recent reviews!

customer serviceOur South Florida Customer Reviews

personaNew Garage Doors Desperately Needed in Palm City

When installing garage doors, our family wanted to ensure we ended up with a reputable garage door company.

We initially started the search with Treasure Coast Garage Doors and Precision Garage Door, but after comparing them to Ben’s Garage Door Services – it was clear who we were going with.

Ben’s garage door technicians offered a very reasonable price and excellent service.

They were even able to do the installation services over a holiday weekend!

We couldn’t be more happy with our new sectional garage doors and the installation process!” – Sam J.

personaGarage Door Springs Snapped in West Palm Beach Gardens

We recently moved to Palm Beach County from the Coral Gables area.

Shortly after unpacking, we had severe issues with the safety sensors and our garage tension springs.

broken spring was the very last thing we wanted to deal with!

We were referred to this great bunch of garage door specialists through a family friend of ours, and lucky for us, they could complete the garage door repairs in less than an hour!

If you are looking for a family-owned company in Port Saint LucieBen’s Garage Door is the right choice!” – Marion M.

personaCommercial Installation Services at Vero Beach

“Our business was in serious need of garage door work, and after contemplating the circumstances, we chose to move forward with full replacement services.

The first company that popped up was Accent Garage Doors, but after gaining our free estimate with Ben’s Garage Door Service, there was no other way to choose.

They make customers feel secure and comfortable with their quality garage door services.

We look forward to continuing garage door maintenance in the future!” – Dan F.

personaGarage Door Opener Break Down in Broward County

“Our garage door opener was installed relatively recently, so we were not expecting to have any issues with it, but sure enough, we did.

My sister-in-law in Palm Beach County provided the information for Ben’s Garage Door Service.

She has used their services before, and wow, did they do a great job to repair my garage door opener in Fort Pierce!

We are so happy that we went with Ben’s technicians; they were able to fix the garage door opener quickly so that we could get back to our lives.” – Anna L.

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