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West Palm Beach Garage Door Repair

Garage Doors Giving You Grief in West Palm Beach, FL?

West Palm Beach residents know how special it is to live on a barrier island, especially one that somehow sits above sea level.

West Palm Beach, FL, is one of the largest cities in South Florida and is known for its growing population, vibrant community members, and well-balanced lifestyle that can be easily achieved if you choose to call this area your home.

Homeowners and business owners in the area have a million and one things to deal with on a daily basis, so the last thing anyone wants to worry about is securing reputable West Palm Beach garage door repair when something goes wrong with your system.

If your garage doors, garage door opener, springs, or rollers are giving you ahead of time – locating local garage services in West Palm Beach should never be another chore to mark off your to-do list.

When you fall on garage door malfunctions, damage, or the simple need for repair, call on the premiere garage door services in West Palm Beach, FL, with Ben’s Garage Door!

garage door repair florida
More often than not, garage doors require some TLC rather than a full replacement. Let the team at Bens Garage Door to check it out first!

garage door repairsA New Garage Door Isn’t Always the Solution

Scouring the internet, Google, Angie’s List, and other reference sites for garage door companies near me can help with the search process, but things don’t have to be so time-consuming and complicated.

There is an elite garage door repair company servicing businesses and residences across West Palm Beach, FL; Ben’s technicians are fully licensed and insured, plus we offer efficient service for any kind of garage door repair.

It is easy to jump to conclusions when you are experiencing technical difficulties with your garage door opener, are sick and tired of how your garage doors look, or are grappling with access control problems.

Gaining insight and a free estimate through a locally owned garage door repair company in West Palm Beach, FL, is the easiest solution.

Ben’s Garage Door Service in West Palm Beach prioritizes customer satisfaction in providing residential and commercial garage repairs, new installs, and replacements when applicable.

Remember – just because your garage door won’t open all the way or isn’t operating correctly doesn’t mean this elite team of West Palm Beach garage door repair techs can’t get the job done in less than an hour!

expertiseSecuring Reliable Residential and Commercial Garage Door Services

When you require quality garage door repairs for your household or place of business, you have to put yourself and all of your needs first.

You are essentially relying on a garage door contractor you may have known nothing about to come into your space and complete the necessary garage door repairs to regain control over your garage systems.

Luckily, Ben’s Garage Door Service in West Palm Beach, FL, is committed to providing extraordinary garage door repair solutions in Estero, Lake Worth, NaplesPort St. Lucie, and all across the Sunshine State.

We understand the importance of having your house and/or company at its best at all times. We are committed to a prompt response to any service calls and uphold our work as if we were completing it for our own family.

residential garage door servicing
Bens Garage Door are a fully licensed and insured garage door specialist, servicing homes and businesses in W Palm Beach FL!

qualityBen’s Garage Door Services: The Best Garage Door Repair in the West Palm Beach Area

When you are looking for reliable garage door repair in West Palm Beach, calling on the best of the best is your only option.

Ben’s Garage Door Service offers premium garage door repair, replacement, and installation solutions for our friends across Florida.

We intend to deliver garage door services to Palm Beach County that increase our client’s quality of life business and maintain customer satisfaction.

Our crew is dedicated to fast service, budget-friendly price points, and high-end materials that will keep your garage door up and running for a lifetime!

estimateRequest a Free Quote from a Transparent Garage Door Company in Palm Beach County

Before you enter into an agreement with just any garage door repair contractor in West Palm Beach, FL, requesting an estimate for the service needed will offer you a greater understanding of what needs to be done, how it will be completed, and the costs associated with the process.

Every Palm Beach garage is used for different reasons, but the majority remain the most frequently used entrance for your home, and when something is off, it can mess up our entire day.

Before you let your garage door problems get the best of you, contact local garage door repair companies for a detailed analysis of your garage door services and estimates that you can compare against your budget.

Ben’s Garage Door Service in West Palm Beach offers a free estimate on all garage door repair requests, and we include a complete consultation so that our customers feel secure in their decisions.

same day serviceSame-day Service: Complete Resolution of Emergency Garage Door Repairs

Whether you are dealing with garage door openers that are going haywire, an old garage door that just won’t budge, or simply springs that are overly rusted from the humidity – every garage door service is essential.

When you cannot access your garage door, and things aren’t working as they should, this is an urgent matter.

At Ben’s, we understand the sense of urgency within every garage door repair, and it is our priority to deliver save-day service options to our clients across West Palm Beach, FL.

No one wants to have to wait around all day for a garage door repair technician, nor is it ever okay to have to switch around your schedule to adhere to a contractor!

When you book your garage door repairs with Ben’s in West Palm Beach, you have access to all of the following:

  • Licensed and insured techs who are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their craft.
  • Around-the-clock service, nights and weekends included.
  • Easily accessible repair, replacement, and installation options that cater to your needs and price range.
  • High-end materials to stand up against tropical weather and hurricanes.
  • Customer care team for additional questions or concerns.
garage door remote
Is your garage door remote choosing when it wants to cooperate? Perhaps it’s time for a replacement!

remoteGarage Door Opener Controlling Your Life? Regain Control with Repair or New Installation

Garage door openers are the computers behind the mechanics of your garage door, and they are used multiple times a day.

Some garage door openers are used more than others, and in West Palm Beach, FL, along with the rest of the county, they are essential to everyday operations.

While the garage door opener should be reliable, there are still things that can go wrong.

Troubleshooting the garage door opener to see what is going on can be difficult because they are complex in nature.

So, instead of trying to get things done yourself, leave the details to the pros!

Ben’s Garage Door in West Palm Beach, FL, is dedicated to bringing you superior garage door opener repair and replacement service options.

Ben’s technicians specialize in pinpointing the issue quickly and repairing your garage door opener quickly and efficiently!

garage doorBring in a New Set of Residential or Commercial Garage Doors

While the garage door opener is the brains behind everything, it controls the main feature – your garage door.

In West Palm Beach, FL, curb appeal matters, and even though garage doors last a few decades, there comes a time when garage door installation is in order.

Ben’s Garage Door offers elite installation options, access to all major brands, and continued care for your new garage doors!

We provide installation service for commercial businesses and residences, so no matter what kind of door you are looking for, our reps can supply precisely what you need!

garage door interior
Garage door springs allow your doors to function smoothly. Keep them oiled and well maintained!

garage door spring coilBroken Spring? A Ben’s Service Technician Will Spring into Action

The strength behind your Palm Beach garage door is your garage door springs. The springs control the lifting and lowering processes and uphold the door itself.

Springs hold up the weight of your garage door, and in Florida, it is sometimes easy for those springs to become worn through the heat and moisture in the air.

If your springs need a little pick me up or require replacement – having the right company to help makes all the difference.

Ben’s Garage in West Palm Beach, FL, offers professional garage door spring repair, replacement, and installation.

garage door track rollersGarage Doors Should Stay On Track

Another significant piece of your West Palm Beach garage is the tracks, which act as a runway for your rollers and the door to operate.

If your tracks are uneven or broken, rollers aren’t adequately lubricated, etc., your door can fall off its tracks!

Looking to fix garage door off-track? Sounds like a job for Ben’s Garage Door out of West Palm Beach!

Ben’s garage experts are the leading solution in garage door repairs in West Palm Beach for a reason.

hurricane proof garage doors

hurricaneHurricane Protection – A Non-Negotiable Garage Door Service in South Florida

There is no way to get around hurricanes, rain, and tropical storms in West Palm Beach, FL, so protecting your house, business, and garage doors helps to avoid the need for repair projects that could have otherwise been avoided, installation services, and replacements.

Hurricane reinforcement is strongly encouraged for West Palm Beach residents and business owners.

Professionals can service your garage, seek out any weak areas, and add multiple layers to ensure your garage door is impact-proof.

The team at Ben’s Garage is fully dedicated to servicing as many West Palm Beach garage doors as possible with our special reinforcement procedures and even steel door installation!

maintenanceGeneral Garage Door Maintenance Service

In the West Palm Beach area, hurricanes and bad weather are not the only two elements you must worry about.

With both homes and commercial locations, the property has to be regularly inspected and cleaned, and upkeep is required to ensure everything remains in good working order.

Ben’s garage door maintenance service is always available throughout West Palm Beach and surrounding cities. It is our responsibility to ensure our clients increase the longevity of their garage doors and maintain a safe garage environment, and everything looks good, too!

same day services
At Bens Garage Door, we offer same day services for a wide range of garage door needs. We are just a phonically away from residences and businesses in W Palm Beach FL!

bens garage door logoBen’s is the Most Trusted Garage Door Dealer in West Palm Beach, FL

As a family-owned business in West Palm Beach, FL, Ben’s Garage Door is more than just a service for the surrounding communities.

It is a solution to provide a simple resolution for your garage door, garage door opener, spring, rollers, and all parts of your Palm Beach garage!

Whether you need a general repair replacement or are contemplating a new installation – Ben’s technicians are here to serve you.

call us todayContact Us for All Your Garage Door Needs

If you are located in West Palm Beach or any nearby city, contact Ben’s Garage Door for your free estimate and consultation.

We provide more than garage door repairs.

Our team is dedicated to offering security, safety, and complete peace of mind for the people of West Palm Beach and throughout the great state of Florida!

If you have any unanswered questions about your garage door issues, call us today and we’ll be happy to assist!

faqFrequently Asked Questions for Your Lucie County Repair Man

garage doorWhat is the best type of garage door materials in South Florida?

The most popular garage doors in West Palm Beach and throughout the Florida area are typically steel because of its durability.

You end up with many options with steel; it is sleek in design, long-lasting, and stands up amazingly against hurricanes, tropical storms, and any weather.

The only downside to this material is the corrosion that can occur, which is why investing in a multilayer garage door can improve insulation and overall stability for your house or business!

rainHow can I best avoid hurricane damage with garage doors?

If you are worried about hurricanes for your Palm Beach garage, it may be time to seek the proper hurricane reinforcement crew for your family.

This service will help you seek out any weak spots in your garage doors, review any required repairs, and set you up for success – even when facing the elements.

If you are worried about your overhead door or garage door, reach out to the professionals for assistance!

garage door openerHow much does it cost to repair a garage door opener?

The total cost of garage door opener repair can vary according to the type of openers, the problem you are experiencing, etc.

There are always going to be multiple factors that determine cost, and that is why inquiring for an estimate in advance gives you perspective on the details!

Every West Palm Beach garage door repair business will have different rates, but on average, you can expect a cost of $150 to $400 for general garage door opener repairs.

costHow much does new garage door installation cost?

The cost of a new garage door depends on the size, scope, materials, and labor.

In the West Palm Beach area, for a standard-size garage door, most people choose to use steel; different materials will have different price tags attached.

For a single-car garage door, you will see an installation cost of anywhere from $700 to $2,500 in West Palm Beach.

Again, if you have multiple garage doors, then you would need to account for more than one, but when you are doing a larger project, sometimes our garage door repair company will offer special deals.

garage door client reviews
Check out some of our recent client reviews!

Recent South Florida Customer Reviews

personaThe Search for New Garage Door Openers in Boynton Beach

“We have had our trusted overhead door and garage door opener for many lifetimes, and while it has served our family well over the years, it has had its fair share of work as well.

The opening mechanism was last replaced over a decade ago, and we have been experiencing many issues with it.

One Friday morning, on my way out the door, it completely crapped out, and thus, I began the search for something new and improved – alongside a garage door repair company to help!

We called Precision Door service first, then went through a few other businesses before deciding.

Ben’s Garage Door supplied excellent customer service, was highly informative, and they could send out an install team the same day!

I am so happy with our decision; they offered many styles, options, and a solid warranty as well!” – Sam N.

personaNew Garage Doors in the Riviera Beach Area

“We recently moved to the West Palm Beach area from Sarasota, FL, and while we were ecstatic about purchasing our new place, the garage area needed some work.

We considered putting on a fresh coat of paint and completing a few garage door repairs, but upon further inspection, it became clear that a new garage door was necessary.

We hopped online and came across Ben’s profile, loaded with very good reviews, so our family gained a free estimate.

The team at Ben’s Garage Door from West Palm Beach provided us with so many options; the technician arrived at our place early, completed everything in a timely manner, and did an excellent job!

We look forward to continuing maintenance services with them.” – Cornita P.

personaLooking for the Latest Technology for Garage Door Repair in Lake Park

“Our garage door has been damaged over time due to high winds, tropical storms, regular wear, etc.

Because of these issues, we had to look for new tracks and a new garage door spring.

Luckily, a previous neighbor of ours in Coral Gables had sent us over to Ben’s Garage Door in West Palm Beach as they had an installation done with their team.

We were glad to have the referral as it simplified the entire repair process, and the crew came in, provided fast service, got our door working correctly, and even followed up to see how things were going.

I highly recommend Ben’s Garage Door for your West Palm Beach garage door repair!” – Jayden B.

personaEmergency Garage Door Damages in Martin County

“We have multiple commercial doors in our company warehouse, and over the Summer, we may get into some problems.

One of our doors actually fell to the ground; it was unsteady and not something any of our employees could operate without placing them in harm’s way.

Ben’s Garage Door in West Palm Beach, FL, saved the day and completed repairs quickly.

The techs were incredibly professional, and we will definitely be working with them on continued maintenance moving forward!” – Frank M.

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