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Garage Door Repair Miami Gardens

Home of the Hard Rock Stadium and known for its proximity to Miami, Miami Gardens, FL, is the third-largest city in Dade County and one of Florida’s premier destinations for sun, fun, gaming, and Caribbean soul food.

Miami Gardens is paradise, but homeowners living in this fantastic city must deal with the same daily struggles as everyone else, including a broken garage door.

The average garage door has an expected lifespan of between 15 and 25 years, depending on the type of materials and upkeep.

Well-maintained garage door openers will last between 10 and 15 years. as well. Accidents happen, components break, and you might need to spring for a garage door replacement in the worst-case scenario.

A leading provider of high-quality garage door repairs and replacement services for several years, you can trust the team at Ben’s Garage Door for all your garage door repair needs.

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Discover Premier Garage Door Services in Miami Gardens, FL

Why choose the pros at Ben’s Garage Door? It’s simple – We are your go-to Miami Dade County garage door repair and replacement experts.

Whether you are in a pinch and require same-day service or need multiple repairs over several days, we can tackle any garage door issues, no matter how complicated.

When you work with our talented team, you can expect:

  • Technicians who are licensed, bonded, well-trained, and ready to walk you through even the most complex garage door repair
  • Transparent pricing and outstanding customer service
  • A free estimate on all repairs and services in Miami Gardens, FL
  • Help when you need it. Our service area includes Miami Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, and Pembroke Pines!
  • Access to the best brands in the garage door industry

Many garage door maintenance companies boast about treating their clients like family. At Ben’s Garage Door, we will go above and beyond to guarantee your complete customer satisfaction.

Experienced Technicians for Garage Doors Near You

A locally owned and operated Florida-based company, when your technician arrives at your door, you can expect a highly-trained professional with the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to provide various garage door services.

Your overhead door repair can seem complicated, especially if you are a new homeowner or this is your first experience working with a garage doors and repair company.

Our technician is ready to help, including answering any questions before the repair and installation services begin. Here are some great questions to ask your garage repair tech:

  • How long will the repair take?
  • Do you provide a cost breakdown before repairs start?
  • Should I repair or completely replace my garage doors?
  • Do I need to be there during the repair?

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Unmatched Garage Door Service for Every Need

You can rely on our talented and expert staff to provide top garage door repair in Miami-Dade County and various other services, including garage door maintenance and garage door hurricane reinforcement

On-going maintenance is the key to ensuring your garage door functions properly and avoiding potentially costly and unnecessary repairs in the future.

We offer comprehensive maintenance plans that include the following services in Miami Gardens:

  • A complete inspection of the garage door and all its components
  • We test and lubricate every metal and moving part.
  • Check the garage door balance to ensure it is aligned and functioning properly
  • Inspection and replacement of weatherstripping
  • Cleaning and inspection of garage door tracks and rollers
  • Garage door spring inspection, cleaning, and lubrication
  • Rust inspection and potential repairs

In addition to a twice-yearly inspection, there are several ways you as a homeowner can maintain your garage door and opener throughout the year, including:

  • Check each garage door panel for signs of damage in the form of dings and dents. Wood panels can crack and fade, while other materials are susceptible to rust.
  • Inspect the hinges for corrosion or other signs of damage.
  • Check the metal or nylon rollers for signs of chips, cracks, or damage. Perform this inspection at least twice yearly and have your rollers replaced every seven years.
  • Look over the tracks and check for rust, obstructions, and alignment.
  • Inspect the springs for signs of wear, tear, and rust. If the door springs are not taut or there is any damage, contact a garage door repair near me immediately.
  • Lubricate all the moving parts with a silicone-based lubricant or whichever lubricant is recommended by the door’s manufacturer.

According to the NOAA, or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, September is the most active hurricane month in Florida, although the hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th.

florida hurricane garage door protection

Hurricane reinforcement should be a top priority, and we can help ensure that your garage and garage door are ready for the impending high winds and damaging rain.

Living in an area prone to hurricanes makes investing in a hurricane-ready garage door paramount to your overall preparedness plan.

Did you know your Miami-Dade County insurance premiums can be 30% to 40% higher if you don’t have a hurricane-ready garage door?

Otherwise known as impact-resistant, wind-resistant, or hurricane-proof doors, these doors are your first defense against strong winds, hail, and relentless rains.

Many doors are rated to withstand winds over 100 mph, and if a hurricane does rip through Miami Gardens, an unprotected door can cause negative pressure to build inside your garage. In the worst-case scenario, the walls and roof could collapse.

Your hurricane-ready garage door should comply with Florida and Miami-Dade building codes and be manufactured by one of the top names in the industry, including:

  • Amarr
  • Clopay
  • Raynor
  • Overhead Door

torsion garage door springs


Enhance Safety with Robust Garage Door Springs

One of the most critical components of your garage door system is that garage door springs come in pairs and either wind tightly or extend to lower and close your garage door.

There are two different types of garage door springs: simple torsion springs and extension.

A highly-rated torsion spring can last over 50,000 cycles or more than ten years! Conversely, a low-quality extension spring might need to be replaced every two years.

Whatever the case, proper maintenance, and regular lubrication are the key to extending the life of your springs.

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, even the highest quality, most well-maintained springs will eventually fail. Watch for these telltale signs of broken springs:

  • The garage door jerks or makes a lot of noise when it opens and closes. Often, the door will look uneven.
  • A loud, noticeable squeaking sound.
  • The door will slightly open before falling to the ground.
  • The garage door won’t open, even if you pull the emergency cord.
  • Visible damage in the form of rust, gaps, and severe cracks.

If you notice any of the above signs or if your springs break and the door crashes to the ground, contact a garage door service ASAP.

A broken garage door spring is a genuine emergency requiring immediate attention. Opt for a complete replacement of both springs rather than a single replacement or even a repair, as this will ensure the springs wear evenly.

A garage door spring replacement is the most delicate garage door repair and requires the right tools, knowledge, and expertise. At Ben’s Garage Door, we recommend leaving a broken spring replacement to the professionals.

garage door opener

Advanced Solutions with Our Garage Door Opener Technology

Imagine this scenario: You’re excited for a long overdue date night at Calder Casino, and nothing happens when you push the garage door remote to open the door.

A functional garage door opener is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity and an important safety feature.

If you aren’t sure if your garage door will last a few more years or if it’s time for an upgrade, watch for these signs of a faulty garage door opener:

  • A strange whining or grinding noise.
  • The door opens slightly or not at all.
  • The garage door opener works intermittently.
  • The garage door motor is visibly damaged.

If your garage door opener is older and damaged beyond the point when repairs make financial sense, it’s time for an upgrade.

At Ben’s Garage Door Service, we proudly offer a line of garage door openers featuring some of the latest and most remarkable technologies to protect your garage while streamlining your life.

Look for a garage door and opener with these high-tech features:

  • Smartphone connectivity: Imagine being able to pull out your smartphone after a long day at work to open your garage door. Major brands offer smartphone connectivity, allowing you to control and monitor your garage door opener with an app.
  • Voice control: A handful of premier brands provide a voice control option that uses the distinct sound of your voice and the voices of your chosen family members to operate the door.
  • Built-in security cameras: Protect your garage and everything stored inside, including your expensive tools and riding lawnmower, with a garage opener featuring integrated security cameras. Many companies offer features that allow you to monitor your garage through an app.
  • Smart home integration: You’ve been enjoying the convenience of your smart home features for years, so why not hook up the garage door opener to the same system? You can use your preexisting smart home technology to operate your garage door.

liftmaster garage door opener

Why We Recommend LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Sold exclusively through licensed garage door opener installers, when it’s time to upgrade your garage door opener, we recommend installing a LiftMaster!

Established way back in 1967, LiftMaster has been one of the leading names in garage door opener innovation.

We specialize in installing every high-quality brand of openers, but if you want the best, ask your technician about the range of LiftMaster products we offer.

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Elevate Your Home with Our New Garage Door Installation

Locally owned and fully licensed, our customers are our top priority. We specialize in garage door sales and offer a full line of garage doors from the best names in the garage door industry.

Between the risk of hurricanes, high heat, and humidity, you need a quality garage door to withstand turbulent Florida conditions.

The right garage door will last for decades, but you must consider the unique Miami Gardens climate when choosing a new model. Some of the most popular types of garage door materials include:

  • Steel: A durable product that can withstand hurricane-force winds when fitted with door braces. Budget-friendly and also available in a wide variety of both vibrant or subdued colors, steel is vulnerable to rust.
  • Wood: A gorgeous, highly customizable option, wood is classic and the go-to for many Floridians. Be aware that wood garage doors are expensive, require a lot of maintenance, and are unfortunately susceptible to wood rot and the expansion/contraction cycle of living in the humid Florida climate.

wooden garage doors

  • Wood composite: A great alternative to natural wood, composite is durable, easy to maintain, and comes in various styles. There are downsides, including the doors’ cost and weight, often requiring homeowners to upgrade their garage door motor.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight, low-cost, low-maintenance, and modern, homeowners searching for a contemporary look will gravitate toward aluminum. Floridians beware – Aluminum has limited insulation, is noisy, and often cannot withstand inclement weather.
  • Fiberglass: This modern material has many of the same attributes as wood and aluminum but for a fraction of the price. However, if you love the cost-saving potential of fiberglass, make sure it is rated for hurricane-force winds.

Your old garage door is drab, dull, and requires repairs. You aren’t sure if the door has a few good years left or if it is time to splurge on an upgrade.

garage doors florida residential

Consider a few of the many benefits of garage door replacement in Miami Gardens, FL:

  • Better energy efficiency: A replacement insulated garage door can help you save big money on your monthly energy bills. If you have an attached or air-conditioned garage, a well-insulated, sturdy garage door is a must.
  • Increased security: Damaged garage doors pose a significant security risk. A new, sturdy garage door is the best first line of defense against burglars breaking into your garage.
  • Improve curb appeal: You spend hours on the weekend maintaining your lawn and are proud of your house exterior. If your old, damaged garage door sticks out like a sore thumb, it is time to upgrade!
  •  Low maintenance: Your old garage door was genuinely horrible to maintain. Imagine all the money and time you save with a beautiful new model.

Are you wondering which garage door material is the best for your Miami Gardens, FL, home? A steel or wood composite door is two great options, but ultimately, it is up to the homeowner’s needs, budget, and aesthetic preferences.

commercial garage doors

We also Service Commercial Garage Doors

Sure, Ben’s Garage Door is the best residential garage fixer in the Miami area. However, did you also know we offer several services to our commercial customers? No matter what our customer’s industry or needs, we have solutions.

Whether your Florida business requires a replacement door or extensive repairs, we offer a free estimate on all our goods and services.

We recommend a sectional or roll-up garage door for most commercial properties. Sectional doors are perfect for customers who want additional sunlight and less noise and prefer the aesthetics of this door style.

Roll-up doors are the better choice if stability and durability are a top priority and there is not enough space to accommodate sectional doors.

Rapid Response Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for your garage door to fail at the most inconvenient time, leaving you stuck and in need of 24-hour garage door service.

Don’t sweat it because, with the team at Ben’s in your corner, you can rest assured that your garage door repair needs will always be met, no matter what time of day!

From a broken spring replacement to upgrading your entire garage door system, we can work with your schedule to ensure your garage door is always functional.

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Your Preferred Garage Door Company in Miami Gardens, FL

Headquartered in beautiful Miami, FL, Ben’s Garage Door makes a simple promise to all our customers: To provide fantastic service at an affordable price.

We offer a wide variety of outstanding, exceptional services guaranteed to exceed all your expectations. If your garage door fails and you need help, call us immediately.

We specialize in protecting your garage and garage doors against the devastating impact of tropical storms and hurricanes.

In addition to installing a new hurricane-rated garage door, we can assist in any repairs that your opener and doors require after the hurricane season is over.

Our Recent Reviews of Garage Door Repairs in Miami Gardens, FL

personaThe most reliable garage door repair in North Miami!

“After another brutal hurricane season, I was sick and tired of repairing my old, busted garage doors. I contacted several firms in the Miami Gardens area to price new garage doors, but their prices were outrageous. A friend in Miami recommended Ben’s, and I was thrilled with the results. The doors are hurricane-ready, and I feel safe and protected.”

personaProfessional garage door opener installation in Miami Gardens!

“The best garage door service in Miami Gardens, FL! My garage door was recently damaged, and I assumed a replacement was necessary. My tech recommended replacing individual panels instead, and I saved a ton of money. A great company that provides wonderful service.”

personaBest garage door repair Miami Gardens!

“Far and away the best door repair in Miami Gardens, FL. The garage door spring broke, and my overhead garage door slammed to the ground, breaking the concrete floor. A technician arrived within a few hours and was able to hang my door and install replacement parts very fast. Excellent service at a great price.”

personaExcellent job replacing my broken garage door spring!

Ben’s is the best local garage door company in the Miami area. I’ve worked with other companies, but Ben’s really exceeded my expectations. I love my new steel garage doors, and they were a hit with potential homebuyers. If you need a garage door repair or replacement, do yourself a favor and get a hold of Ben’s Garage Door!”

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