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The Impact of Garage Doors on Home Value and Curb Appeal in Florida

The average home in the Sunshine State remains on the market for 22 days – 10 days shorter than the national average.

What does this mean for you – As a potential home seller or someone looking to increase your property’s value, you need to have a competitive edge but don’t want to drain your bank account on an expensive upgrade or home improvement project.

Did you know there is one project with a fantastic ROI that can both increase your property value and improve curb appeal: An updated garage door?!

Let the Coral Gable garage door experts at Ben’s Garage Door help you purchase, install, and maintain a new garage door that is guaranteed to make potential buyers take notice!

garage door installation
New garage door installations are made easy with Ben’s Garage Doors!

garage door repairsWill a Garage Door Replacement Really Increase My Home’s Value?

Yes, the installation of most garage doors will increase the value of your property – but only if the installation is handled by professional, qualified Port St. Lucie garage door installers.

If your current garage door is weathered, damaged, or inoperable, a replacement is a great way to improve the look of your home’s exterior without spending a small fortune.

Aren’t sure if upgrading your garage door is the right option? Here are four clear signs it’s time to add new life to your house’s look with a replacement garage door:

  • The door’s age: A well-maintained garage door will last 15 to 30 years, but this number can be impacted by living in the hot, humid Florida climate.
  • Severe weather damage: Has a hurricane left your garage door damaged and barely functional – It’s time to recoup the incredible ROI of a new, visually interesting garage door!
  • The need for frequent repairs and upgrades: Are you faced with an expensive garage door repair, and your garage door is almost 20 years old – Save your money and invest it into a replacement garage door!
  • Higher than average energy bills: Are the energy bills slowly rising your attached garage door – Look into the potential cost savings of a new insulated garage door.

Have more questions about the benefits of a replacement door? Contact us today for a free consultation!

A New Garage Door = A Great Return on Investment!

A beautiful new, state-of-the-art kitchen, a mid-level bathroom makeover, a new enviable backyard deck, and a replacement garage door – What do all of these have in common?

A great return on investment or ROI!

The initial investment of a new garage door might not seem like it would greatly benefit your home’s overall value, but with an ROI, or return on investment, of approximately 94%, replacing a garage door is the one fantastic improvement project many homeowners overlook!

If you need a little inspiration or are overwhelmed by the sheer number of different varieties of residential garage doors, you’re not alone!

Here are a few ways you can ensure that the garage door you purchase is ideal for your home’s architectural style and color palette:

  • Flip through your favorite remodeling magazine.
  • Drive through the areas and get some inspiration from the garages of friends, neighbors, and local homeowners.
  • Talk to the garage door pros in Palm Beach at Ben’s for some expert advice.
garage door selling appeal resale
A well-kept garage is one of those “first impression” aspects of any home. And protective buyers will certainly take note!

costHow Can A New Door Attract Potential Buyers?

Think back to when you purchased your first home – What were the first things you noticed?

The answer probably isn’t the interior living space; instead, you took note of the siding, roof, landscaping, and garage door.

Here are a few of the many reasons why a well-maintained garage with a quality garage door will always attract buyers:

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a term coined by realtors that refers to the aesthetic appeal of a property’s exterior.

Basically, when a prospective buyer checks out your home, they are judging your property’s quality with this initial observation.

You don’t need to spend hours watching your favorite HGTV home improvement program; instead, spend time renovating a beautiful, functional, low-maintenance garage door.

In addition to a replacement door, there are other low-cost ways to make your house’s exterior stand out from the competition, including refreshed landscaping, flower boxes, or a new front door!

insulation garage door
Garage door insulation is designed not only to keep heat from escaping but also cool air from your AC unit, saving you hours of run time!

Lower Electric Bills and Increased Energy Efficiency

Your attached garage or air-conditioned detached garage is a lifesaver in the summer – and like many Florida homeowners, your garage space is a makeshift craft room, home office, or child’s playroom.

Either way, if there is any energy usage in your garage, a new door, particularly a high-quality insulated steel or wood door, will help improve your home’s energy efficiency while lowering your monthly energy usage and bills.

All types of insulation, including polyurethane insulation, work by reducing convective, conductive, and radiant heat transfer.

For you as a homeowner, this means that an insulated garage door offers an excellent first line of defense against the heat and humidity of a nasty Florida summer!

Enhance Your Home’s Security

Protect your home, family, and belongings with a new, sturdy, durable garage door.

Strong door locks and a security system are great ways to prevent a possible break-in, but an older, damaged garage door leaves your home vulnerable.

A garage door service installation near you can help you discuss your options and provide an ideal first line of defense against burglars.

home exterior
Garage doors can be the centrepiece of your homes exterior features!

Modernize Your Home’s Exterior Appearance

Today’s buyers are savvy and want a home with an open floor plan, updated kitchen, spa bathroom, and an impeccable exterior.

Several garage door styles will foot the bill and quickly modernize your home’s appearance for far less than the cost of new siding or even a fresh coat of quality exterior paint.

garage door finish
A nice Caribbean style wood finish to your garage doors will add some flair

garage doorSuperior Craftsmanship and Design Details: What Makes an Attractive Garage Door?

A garage door is a central focal point, and in addition to the door being sturdy, secure, and durable, you want your garage door style to feature unforgettable design elements, colors, and decorative finishing touches.

Don’t forget the door must also reflect your personal tastes and work with your home exterior.

This is a tall order, but it is possible with a bit of help from the top garage door companies in Sarasota.

Make an Investment in Decorative Hardware

Want to get the most bang for your renovation budget – Choose a garage door with hardware that compliments your home’s exterior style.

For example, decorative strap hinges are perfect for traditional carriage house garage doors.

Planning for the installation of modern garage doors? Opt for sleek lines, hinges, and pulls that don’t detract from the door’s minimalist style.

Remember, you cannot go wrong with hardware that has the same finish as your home’s door knobs and hardware.

garage door windows
Windows will invite all the natural light which the Florida sun can offer you

Increase Visual Appeal When You Add Windows

Garage windows do more than let in natural light; they also act as an attractive architectural feature that will make prospective buyers stop and take note!

Small windows are the hallmark of modern doors, while arched windows are a prevalent style choice for carriage house doors because of their vintage look.

If you are concerned with the potential safety issues of garage windows, there are ways to secure your windows and protect your home and belongings:

  • Install acrylic or polycarbonate windows: Instead of traditional glass, these options are impact-resistant, durable, and in many cases, more affordable than glass.
  • Protect your privacy with textured glass film: Window film kits, which help prevent natural light from flooding the garage while enhancing privacy, are available at hardware stores.
  • Secure the windows with alarms: Hire a security company to install alarms on your residence and garage windows.

The Advantages of a Custom-Made Garage Door

The Florida home sellers market is red hot, and if you put a high-end home on the market, you need a competitive edge.

A custom-designed and constructed garage door provides you with all the benefits of a new door – and many more.

For example, if the paint colors available for stock doors in your area don’t work with your home’s color scheme, a custom door will provide more options.

Custom doors are also tailor-made to work with your garage’s configuration, a must-have for homeowners challenged with finding a stock door that works.

At Ben’s Garage Door, we understand the unique needs of our Sunshine State customers, which is why we offer same-day service in all our service areas!

steel garage doors
Steel garage doors can make a bold statement and really make your home stand out

garage doorHow a Garage Door’s Architectural Style Can Make a Bold Statement

You’ve considered the benefits of wood garage doors in the Florida climate and whether steel or glass garage doors would be a better option.

However, along with the price and materials, you also need to ensure the garage door’s style works with your home’s aesthetic and, of course, your personal taste!

You’re in luck because, at Ben’s Garage, we do more than install a new garage door opener or perform exceptional garage door maintenance – we can also help you pick the ideal garage door that complements your property’s entire look!

The Clean Lines and Modern Style of Contemporary Garage Doors

What is a “contemporary” garage door, and is it the right look for your Sunshine State property:

  • Contemporary or modern doors are characterized by sleek lines, minimalist features, and subdued colors that complement the home’s color.
  • Most modern doors also feature flush panels, a lack of ornamentation, and more oversized windows.
  • The panels are typically thinner and run horizontally.

Considering a modern garage door installation? Pair your contemporary door with a new, state-of-the-art smart garage door opener.

Smart garage door openers feature Wi-fi connectivity, smartphone compatibility, and other features that will enhance your home’s safety and security – including battery backups and automatic closing.

Ben’s is among the best garage door companies nearby Coral Gables, St. Lucie, Sarasota, Naples, and West Palm Beach to install and maintain top-rated openers.

carriage style garage door
Carriage style garage doors present a classical feel

Carriage House Doors: The Perfect Garage Door For Many South Florida Residents

A traditional carriage-style garage door mimics the classic, rustic style of classic carriage houses, which store horse-drawn carriages and are made with wood and wrought iron hinges – Here are a few of the features and benefits of modern carriage house-style garage doors:

  • A popular, classic option: Ask almost any buyer, and they will tell you that the classic styling of a carriage-style door is the first choice.
  • Versatility: The carriage style is a perfect, highly customizable template that allows you to add your unique spin to this timeless design through hardware, windows, and color choices.
  • A wise investment that will enhance curb appeal: Although carriage doors are available at several price points, they always look expensive, which will, in turn, give your property a high-end, finished look.
garage door faq
Got any questions about how your new garage doors can offer a great ROI? Let us know.

People Also Ask

Do garage doors increase home value?

Yes, but only if you install a door that is functional and meets the needs of Florida residents.

For example, choose a door with hurricane reinforcement, such as braces, or a hurricane-rated door.

Save money by investing in a steel door, which will stand up well in Florida’s harsh, humid climate.

A fabulous Florida garage door company is the ultimate source of information about which garage door will have the best return on your initial investment.

What is the truth about garage door R-value?

R-value, or resistance value, refers to an insulation’s ability to resist heat transfer.

An R-value of at least R-6 is recommended for insulated garage doors.

However, to prevent heat flow into your Florida garage, consider a door with insulation rated to at least R-8.

Should I keep my old garage door?

The answer to this tricky question is “It depends.”

If the garage door is older, requires multiple repairs, such as replacing broken springs or other Naples garage door repair, or if you are putting your home on the market, the better option is to replace your current model with a new, insulated door.

A door replacement isn’t financially feasible, so what should you do – Here are some ways you can extend the life of your current garage door:

  • Schedule regular maintenance: Contact a garage door service in Estero, FL, for a yearly checkup. This will ensure your doors and all their components are running flawlessly and correct minor problems before they become costly repairs.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint or metal sealant: Protect your garage from moisture and heat damage while updating its look with a coat of paint or sealant – Choose a paint or product rated for use on garage doors.
  • Lubricate all moving components: Apply a silicone or oil-based lubricant to all moving parts and the tracks, according to the package directions – Reapply the product every three to six months to prevent heat and friction damage.
  • Tighten loose nuts, bolts, and screws: The vibrations from movement can loosen screws, nuts, bracks, bolts, and other hardware.
  • Keep the door tracks clean: Wipe down the tracks with a clean cloth and mild detergent.

How long do garage doors last in Florida?

A garage door’s lifespan is between 15 and 30 years, but the harsh Florida conditions can cause your garage door to fail much more quickly.

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bens garage door logoConclusion

Ben’s Garage Door is your one-stop shop for all garage door repair, maintenance, and total replacement needs.

With several years of expertise and commitment to our customers, one of our talented technicians is only a phone call away!

A locally owned and operated business in sunny central Florida, we understand our Sunshine State clients’ unique needs and frustrations.

In addition to high-quality installations, we offer a wide variety of other exceptional services, including:

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