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The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Garage Door in Florida’s Climate

Your garage door is more than a convenient way to access your garage – It is also an integral part of your home’s security system.

A malfunctioning garage door provides easy access to your home and garage, leaving your belongings and family vulnerable.

You’ve put a lot of time, money, and sweat equity into your home, and the last thing you want is the harsh, hot, humid Florida summer to ruin your investment.

At Ben’s Garage Door service in Florida, we are keenly aware of the severely negative impact that a faulty garage door can have not only on your home’s curb appeal but also on its safety.

florida heat garage doors
Spoiler alert: Florida’s hot and humid! How will your garage doors hold up to the weather?

Florida’s Hot Air and Muggy Climate: How Does It Impact My Garage Doors and Garage Door Opener?

Florida is affectionately known as the “Sunshine State” for many reasons.

You love the warm year-round temperatures and sunshine because they allow you to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. Still, there are downsides to all the constant sunshine and high temperatures.

Even during the “colder months,” which typically don’t dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, your garage can feel like a sauna, leaving your car, tools, Christmas decorations, and everything stored inside to bake in the unrelenting heat.

The oppressive heat does more than impact the temperature inside your garage; it also negatively impacts crucial components of your garage door, leaving your garage door unable to work at its optimal performance.

Your Wood Doors vs. Extreme Heat and Humidity

Wood doors are elegant, durable, and, unfortunately, susceptible to extreme damage from the sticky Florida weather.

Wooden doors, even a finished wood door, will absorb moisture, leading to swelling, deformations, and damage, and if left untreated, there is a need for a replacement garage door installation.

Combat this damage and protect the door’s structural integrity by reapplying stain or protecting a painted wood door with a fresh coat of wax at least twice a year.

steel doors garage florida
Steel doors might hold up in the sun better than wood. However, they are still prone to issues such as expansion

The Negative Effect on Metal Doors and Metal Garage Door Components

Unfortunately, owners of metal doors aren’t off the hook because if you have a steel or aluminum door, you will potentially suffer cosmetic and functional issues, especially in summer when the temperatures are downright oppressive.

In addition to being extremely hot to the touch, metal doors and the metal components that allow your door to function properly can suffer from thermal expansion – leading to warped door panels. (In extreme cases, the doors will be so distorted your garage door will not properly open or close.)

What is the solution? Talk to the Sarasota garage door experts at Ben’s about replacing your existing metal or aluminum garage door with different materials that provide better protection from the Florida climate – such as a composite wood door or an insulated garage door.

garage door remote
Your garage door remote is encased in plastic so keeping it away from extreme temperatures will prevent damage

Hot Weather and Your Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers, just like most garage door materials, are negatively affected by heat and humidity.

The moisture and warm temps will wreak havoc on the electronic components inside your garage door opener, including the motor, opener remote, and remote panel.

During a sweltering day, it is not unusual for the garage door opener to overheat, leaving you with a car stuck in the garage, wondering how you’ll get to work on time.

Air conditioning is a great option, but if you are looking for the most cost-effective way to protect your garage door opener, the best option is to have the opener regularly serviced by a professional garage door technician.

Degrading Lubrication and Unexpected Garage Door Repairs

Lubricant is your first line of defense against the damage caused by friction, wear, and tear.

Cold temperatures cause lubricants to become thick and gooey; as you can imagine, hot temperatures have the opposite impact.

The Florida humidity will melt most types of lubrication on moving parts, even heavy-duty silicone-based lubricant, leading to unexpected and avoidable professional garage door repair.

garage door maintenance
Ensuring your garage door opens and closes when it should is a vital part of maintenance

The Importance of Proper Garage Door Maintenance

Want to ensure your garage door is working correctly, no matter what the season?

You’ve read our comprehensive guide to how extreme heat and humidity can devastate your garage door and want to learn even more about ensuring smooth operation and avoiding needing assistance from a professional technician.

Regular professional maintenance is not only the key to preventing unnecessary repairs by pinpointing underlying issues, but it can also extend the life of your garage door by as much as 50% – saving you hundreds or even thousands on Palm Beach garage door repair or even a total garage door replacement.

Smooth Operation and Garage Door Springs

A broken spring replacement is one of the most common garage door repairs, along with misaligned tracks and faulty garage door openers.

Damaged or broken garage door springs not only affect the garage door’s efficiency but can also be downright dangerous.

The best option is to schedule a yearly inspection and ask the technician to pay close attention to the springs to ensure smooth operation.

Springs should be replaced at the first sign of a serious issue, including if the torsion or extension springs are rusted or bent or if there are noticeable gaps between the coils.

garage door issues
Stuck garage doors are the leading cause of garage door issues

Prevent Costly Garage Door Repairs

Imagine this: It’s a hot summer day, and you are leaving the cool air of your comfortable home to enjoy the air conditioning in your car.

You effortlessly press the button on your garage door remote, and the door won’t open – In a panic, you press it again, but still, nothing.

Florida residents can easily and inexpensively avoid a total breakdown of their garage door’s functionality by scheduling regular maintenance.

The technician will perform a multi-point inspection and pinpoint any minor problems before they become a costly garage door repair.

Don’t want to wait for an inspection? The pros at Ben’s offer same-day service and regular maintenance services.

garage door lubrication
A well-lubricated garage door is a working garage door!

Regular Maintenance and Proper Lubrication

In tandem with planned maintenance, the best defense against unnecessary wear and tear is regular lubrication.

The moving parts on your garage door, in addition to the metal tracks, are under constant high tension, and the friction created by movement coupled with the high humidity levels means that any metal parts on your garage door can easily rust and fail.

The best defense: A little lubricant, applied according to the manufacturer’s directions, can prevent repairs, including spring replacement and garage door off-track repair.

What Is the Correct Way to Apply Lubrication to Springs, Rollers, and Hinges

  • Gently scrub away the existing lubricant with mild detergent and a clean cloth.
  • Next, apply one to two sprays of the lubricant or the amount recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Wipe away the excess lubricant and repeat every three months or even more often during the summer months.

Is It Possible to Over-Lubricate a Garage Door?

Over-lubrication is possible, so you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Too much lubrication can attract dust and attract dirt, leaving the springs, rollers, tracks, and other metal parts susceptible to damage.

hurricane garage
Summertime in Florida usually features at least one hurricane. Your garage doors should be able to withstand the high winds.

Can I Hurricane-Proof My Garage Door? A Florida Homeowners’ Guide to Protecting Your Garage Door

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30, and during these months, depending on your location, your home and garage are susceptible to extreme wind, hail, and rain damage.

Unfortunately, while most Florida homeowners are busy planning to protect their main property, they overlook the importance of safeguarding their garage space.

The first line of defense against hurricane damage is the garage door.

Luckily, there are several ways to ensure the door operation remains functional and everything stored in the garage is protected.

Talk to A Professional Garage Door Technician About A Hurricane Brace or Hurricane Panels

A temporary solution that is ideal if inclement weather is forecasted, braces can easily and quickly be installed by a professional in a matter of minutes.

The braces are attached to the door and floor through a series of brackets and anchors permanently installed on the floor and door panels.

All the techs need to do is attach the braces before the storm hits.

One brace is sufficient for a single-car garage, while two or more braces are necessary for a two-car garage door.

hurricane proof garage doors
Hurricane ready garage doors will withstand anything Mother Nature will throw at them

Invest in a Hurricane-Ready Garage Door

A more permanent solution preferred by most homeowners, a hurricane-resistant door manufactured by a top brand, such as Banko Overhead Doors, provides the best defense against hurricane-force winds and catastrophic damage.

Hurricane-rated doors are essential in coastal areas and are constructed with sturdier components, including vertical reinforcement bars and heavy-duty fasteners.

If you aren’t sure which solution is best for your home, ask Ben’s Garage Doors about the various hurricane reinforcement solutions available.

hurricaneA Hurricane Is In the Forecast: Tips For Preparing Your Garage Door For the Storm

A rated hurricane potentially impacts your area, and you want to ensure that every square foot of your property, including your garage, is safe.

In addition to reinforcing your current door or upgrading to a hurricane-rated door, follow these simple tips:

Disengage the door From the tracks

Manufacturers recommend disengaging the door by simply pulling on the emergency cord attached to the door’s back before the hurricane hits.

Unplug your automatic opener to prevent water damage.

Seal any cracks or damage

Prevent flooding and water damage by properly sealing cracks or repairing damage, especially to the garage door.

Tighten loose bolts, screws, and nuts on the door, as well.

Spending a few minutes on preventative maintenance will help prevent damage to the door and garage floor if the flood waters start rising.

Did your garage door suffer damage during a hurricane – Contact us today for comprehensive Port St. Lucie door repair services or Coral Gagles garage door solution!

humidity garage doors
It’s important that you protect yourself from the humidity by staying hydrated. Keeping your garage door lubricated and maintained will also keep humidity away!

How Can I Maintain My Garage Door During the Humid Florida Summer?

Florida is known for its impressive beaches, amusement parks, alligators, vibrant culture, and, of course, summer’s extreme heat and humidity.

We’ve already discussed the problems you will face, and now it’s time to be proactive and protect your garage doors from unnecessary heat and moisture damage.

Watch For Mold and Mildew Growth

Mold requires an organic substance, such as wood or even dirt, and moisture to proliferate.

Your garage and garage door provide the perfect breeding growth for mold and mildew growth – even metal garage doors.

Wipe down the garage door and all metal parts periodically to remove excess moisture and lubrication to prevent mold growth.

If your opener is damaged by mold, talk to a representative from Ben’s about quality garage door openers.

weather stripping florida garage door
Applying weatherstripping will offer a much-needed layer of insulation to your garage door and keep humidity out!

The Importance of Proper Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping runs along the entire bottom of the door and along both sides and helps fill in the gaps between the door and the floor and the rest of the garage door opening.

Intact weatherstripping improves your garage’s energy efficiency, preventing your cooling and heating system from working overtime to keep your garage and home comfortable.

Upgrade to Insulated Garage Doors

Speaking of improving your garage’s energy efficiency, if you don’t already have one installed, consider upgrading to an insulated garage door.

Insulation prevents heat transfer, which includes preventing the oppressive heat from entering your garage through the door – On top of that, insulation can reduce noise.

If you spend any time enjoying garage activities, from fixing your car to playing with the kids, an insulated garage door is a must.

ventilation garage florida
Keeping your garage ventilated will allow humid air to pass freely out of the garage and prevent rust

Reduce Humidity By Increasing Ventilation

If you spend any time in your garage, proper ventilation is essential.

A well-ventilated garage allows for increased airflow, reducing moisture and heat damage and generally making your garage a more pleasant, cool place to spend time!

If you need any garage door service, including broken spring replacement or garage door repair in Estero, FL, our team can help perform preventative maintenance and make any necessary repairs!

garage door installation
There are many ways you can protect your garage doors from the Florida weather. We try to provide as many solutions as possible

What People in Florida Also Ask

How do I climate control my garage in Florida?

Improving your garage door’s climate doesn’t need to be expensive – Instead, invest in an insulated garage door, add insulation to the garage walls, ask a professional about a ventilation fan, and keep your garage clean!

Should you insulate the garage door in Florida?

Yes, insulation is the first line of defense against Florida’s relentless heat and humidity.

At Ben’s, in addition to installing a new garage door opener, we can help you easily select the right insulated door for your budget.

How do I protect my garage door from hurricanes?

Install hurricane braces, upgrade to a hurricane-resistant door, and make sure to disengage the door from the tracks if there is a hurricane in the forecast.

A more cost-effective solution is to ensure your garage door is in good shape before hurricane season starts, something that garage door services in Naples, FL, provided by Ben’s Garage Door!

How do I keep my garage cool in summer Florida?

A cool, comfortable garage makes for a more enjoyable summer.

A wall-mounted or window air conditioning unit is the obvious choice. Don’t overlook the importance of proper insulation, increased ventilation, and unplugging any appliances that create heat, such as your garage fridge.

Something as simple as planting a large shade tree near the garage can help lower the temperature by a few degrees in summer!

How do I lower the humidity in my garage in Florida?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” you know there is a lot of truth to that statement!

Lower the humidity in your garage by installing a dehumidifier, sealing any damage or cracks, and keeping a window open on arid days!

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