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How to Choose the Right Garage Door for Your Florida Home

Your garage door isn’t the primary entrance to your home, but it is a first line of defense against burglars and, as a focal point, plays a massive part in your home’s exterior style and home’s color scheme.

You must consider other factors for your Florida home – including the door’s hurricane resistance and ability to withstand the high humidity and heat.

Finding the ideal garage door can feel overwhelming – but you aren’t alone.

We are a top-rated Florida garage door company with years of experience helping residents install and maintain garage doors and garage door openers.

garage door installation
Time for a set of new garage doors! What style will you choose for your Florida home?

Choose A Popular Garage Door Style Based On Your Florida Home’s Exterior and Architectural Style

Several architectural styles are popular throughout Florida, from casual coastal to Spanish, Art Deco, and classic bungalows and ranch homes.

Luckily, no matter what your home’s exterior look or style, there are garage door types that will work!

Here are four garage door styles that are popular with Florida homeowners:

Carriage House Garage Doors
Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage House Garage Doors

Modern carriage doors are built to mimic the classic charm of carriage-style doors traditionally fitted on horse barns.

Today’s carriage-style doors are the choice of many homeowners for several good reasons.

An overlay pattern provides a traditional twist to doors manufactured from modern materials, including recycled wood or composite plastic fibers, in addition to wood, steel, or other conventional materials.

Want a timeless finished look that pairs perfectly with bungalow, ranch, Spanish, and coastal-style homes?

You cannot go wrong with carriage garage doors – especially if you want to put your home on the market, as carriage-style doors are some of the most popular amongst potential home buyers.

traditional garage doors
Traditional Garage Doors


Traditional doors are a catch-all that will work with almost every home style and are a great option if you are on a budget.

Drive down almost any Florida street, and most homes will feature traditional garage doors, which feature horizontal raised panels in neat rows and are traditionally manufactured from wood – although composite and steel models are available.

This door style is highly customizable and available in a variety of definitive styles and colors. It features curved windows that complement the door’s shape and pattern.

Contemporary Garage Doors
Contemporary Garage Doors


Choosing the right garage door for your contemporary home is easy – Look to the modern door style!

The modern look of contemporary doors features sleek lines, minimalist hardware, and a simple color scheme – some contemporary garage doors even feature corrosion-resistant aluminum paired with large light-filtering glass panels!

However, don’t assume that just because your home is a more traditional architectural style doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the practical simplicity of the contemporary door style.

Craftsman Style Garage Doors

Craftsman Style Garage Doors

The craftsman style is characterized by clean lines, sleek molding, recessed panels – much like the traditional style – and vintage hardware.

There is no traditional color palette; if you want to add windows, they are typically rectangular or square.

Feel confused? Talk to the Coral Gables garage door experts at Ben’s for more information and help choosing the right garage door for your home’s style.

If you can’t wait to get started, we offer same-day service to our service areas.

florida heat garage doors
The Florida heat can really take it’s toll on garage doors

Consider Popular Garage Door Materials That Can Withstand the Florida Heat and Humidity

The average high temperature during summer in Florida is around 89 degrees Fahrenheit – But when you combine this with an average morning humidity of 90%, the climate in Florida can be unbearable.

This unique combination of high average temperatures and high average humidity means your garage door will take a beating – and both should be a significant factor in choosing the right garage door.

Additionally, consider the security features, longevity, durability, and price of the overhead door.

Most homeowners choose from the following garage door materials:

Wood Garage Doors
Wood Garage Doors

Wood Garage Doors

A classic choice, wood is a popular garage door material for Florida homes.

  • Wood doors are highly customizable, are natural insulators, and are relatively easy to fix, especially for the Garage door pros in Palm Beach at Ben’s Garage Door!
  • The downsides of wood include the higher price, especially the cost of natural wood, the additional maintenance requirements, and the harmful impact heat and humidity can have on the door.
  • Even finished wood doors can swell from the high Florida humidity, causing deformities that can impact the door’s performance.
Steel Garage Doors
Steel Garage Doors

Steel Garage Doors

Another popular choice is steel doors, which are excellent for homeowners on a budget.

  • Steel is naturally robust and secure, making it ideal for your Florida garage door.
  • Your steel door will be low maintenance and highly customizable.
  • The downside is that steel doors can rust, even when powder-coated, are susceptible to damage, and do not offer much insulation.
Aluminum Garage Doors
Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum doors are ideal for anyone who wants to complement their home’s modern aesthetic.

These doors are also lightweight, cost-effective, and do not require much care besides the occasional cleaning or garage door service in Estero, FL.

Unfortunately, aluminum garage doors are not as durable as steel or wood; there are more limited style and design options, and aluminum does not block outside noise or other options.

Vinyl and Fiberglass
Vinyl and Fiberglass Garage Doors

Vinyl and Fiberglass

Both fiberglass and vinyl are lightweight and require little maintenance, but there are other downsides to these materials:

  • If you have a seriously tight budget, vinyl and fiberglass will adequately protect your garage space.
  • A fiberglass or vinyl door will buckle under the strain of a typical Florida summer.
  • Both varieties of doors are prone to weathering, and the color will fade rapidly, especially in direct sunlight.

If you have any more questions – Contact us today to speak with the best Port St. Lucie garage door installers.

Our team will work tirelessly to find the best garage door for your home and budget!

the right garage doors florida
Choose the best garage doors for you and we’ll make your image a reality!

Finding the Perfect Garage Door: Choosing a Color Scheme, Finish, and Finishing Touches

You’ve explored the popular styles and materials, but now is the fun part – picking a color palette, finish, and final touches that personalize your garage door.

The best garage door companies help you with every step of this process to ensure you are happy with your final decision!

The Perfect Color For Your Sunshine State Garage and Home

Color has a very significant impact on the overall look and feel of your garage.

Choose the wrong hue, and you risk your garage clashing with your home and the other homes in the neighborhood.

Follow these simple tips and suggestions to choose the right color for your garage door:

  • Be careful with a complementary color scheme: Think about colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. An actual complementary color can clash with your garage, so use this color theory carefully.
  • Consider your home’s architectural design: Use the colors of your home, your neighbor’s homes, and the architectural style as inspiration for the garage door’s hue.
  • Darker colors absorb head: Remember, black and dark gray are hot colors, but the darker shades will also absorb heat, raising the temperature of your garage by several degrees.
garage door window
Garage door window panels – or all-glass installations – add both appeal and resale value to your home

Add Windows to Perfect Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Glass windows in garage doors will never go out of style – but there are several issues with clear glass panes, including a decrease in your garage’s energy efficiency and the negative impact of natural light on your garage’s safety and temperature.

Keep energy costs down without sacrificing the classic appeal of garage door windows by opting for glazed models.

Don’t Forget the Decorative Hardware!

Choose decorative hardware that not only complements the door’s color and style but also works with the hardware of your main home.

This will create a more cohesive finished product and help your new door blend seamlessly with the rest of the property.

Should I Buy A New Garage Door Opener When I Install a New Garage Door?

Congratulations! You’ve decided to upgrade your garage door – Now you just need to know if this is the ideal time to upgrade your garage door opener.

The average garage door opener has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years – but it is not uncommon for openers to degrade quickly under the harsh heat and moisture of the Sunshine State.

At Ben’s, we can help you discuss the key factors that impact your new garage door opener and help you examine your options for a new, upgraded unit that will function in the extreme South Florida heat.

  • Learn your garage door’s power needs: Most sectional, two-car garage doors can be easily operated with a one-half horsepower motor – Talk to a professional about your garage door’s style, weight, and specific requirements.
  • The opener’s noise level: Chain-driven models are noisy but affordable, and if you have an attached garage, opt for a belt or screw drive model, as these are quieter and more reliable.
  • Upgrade to modern security features: From Wi-fi and smart device connectivity to battery backups and auto-close features, consider an opener with the latest intelligent features.
  • Consult a professional for installation: The team at Ben’s can help you choose from top-rate openers that will meet your family’s needs.
hurricane florida garage door
Make sure your garage is sturdy enough to withstand everything Florida weather can throw!

Florida Hurricanes and Your Garage Door

An average of three hurricanes make landfall in the Sunshine State each year.

Scheduling a garage door maintenance appointment before hurricane season is one thing.

There are other steps you as a homeowner can take to secure your garage door and the contents of your garage from hurricane-force winds and extensive damage:

Protecting Your Palm Beach County Garage Against Heavy Winds and Torrential Rain

Living in the Southeast United States means constantly guarding against inclement weather, particularly hurricanes.

Here are three ways to hurricane-proof your garage and garage door:

  • Invest in a wind-resistant garage door: Wind-load-rated doors are specifically designed with more robust materials and sturdier hardware to prevent damage from high winds, in some cases winds more than 200 mph.
  • Install hurricane braces on your existing door: Aluminum or steel braces are attached to the door at multiple points to prevent the door from becoming detached during high wind gusts.
  • Ensure proper drainage to prevent flooding and water damage: Flooding during hurricanes is a real threat, so ensure adequate drainage by installing French drains and keeping the garage floor free of excess clutter.

If you need more help, here are some tips from garage door companies in Sarasota on how to reinforce your garage door before the hurricane season.

garage door faq
Call us today if you have any unanswered questions or concerns about your Florida garage doors

faqWhat People Also Ask

What is the best type of garage door for Florida?

Each door has its own pros and cons, so in addition to the materials, consider the features and level of care and commitment required to maintain the door’s aesthetics and functionality.

Contact a garage door installation service near you to install a steel door – the best choice for Southeastern homes.

Steel is less porous than wood, meaning it will not suffer the same level of moisture damage.

However, because steel can rust, you must periodically clean and seal the garage door to prevent rust.

Do I need an insulated garage door in Florida?

Yes, an insulated garage door is a must in Florida – remember, insulation prevents heat transfer, meaning that a properly insulated garage door will prevent heat and moisture from seeping into your garage.

Should the garage door be lighter or darker than the house?

In addition to aesthetics, remember the Albedo Effect.

This phenomenon states that sunlight is reflected by lighter colors and absorbed by darker colors.

A black or dark gray door might work with your home’s aesthetics, but the darker shade will absorb heat, raising the temperature inside your garage several degrees.

How do I choose the right garage door?

Choosing the right garage door is a multi-step process that involves several factors, including:

  • Cost
  • Reliability
  • Functionality
  • Curb appeal
  • Insulative value
  • Finish

When in doubt, always choose function and durability over beauty, as this will help you avoid unnecessary garage door repair in the future!

How can I tell if my garage door is off-balance?

A balanced garage door is a functional garage door – but how can you tell if your garage is off-balance and needs a potential repair, such as replacing broken springs?

Testing a garage door’s balance is actually simple, and the test can be performed by a homeowner in a few minutes:

  • Disengage the garage door by pulling the emergency cord
  • Unplug the garage door opener and lift the garage door
  • Gently allow the garage door to fall half-way to the ground

Raise and lower the garage door a few times and pay attention to the door’s movement and placement.

If the door does not sit straight or raises and lowers slower than usual, there is a problem with the balance, and you should contact a professional for assistance.

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