How to Choose the Right Garage Door for Your Florida Home

guide for the best garage door in florida

Your garage door isn’t the primary entrance to your home, but it is a first line of defense against burglars and, as a focal point, plays a massive part in your home’s exterior style and home’s color scheme. You must consider other factors for your Florida home – including the door’s hurricane resistance and ability […]

The Impact of Garage Doors on Home Value and Curb Appeal in Florida

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The average home in the Sunshine State remains on the market for 22 days – 10 days shorter than the national average. What does this mean for you – As a potential home seller or someone looking to increase your property’s value, you need to have a competitive edge but don’t want to drain your […]

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Garage Door in Florida’s Climate

garage door maintaining in florida tips

Your garage door is more than a convenient way to access your garage – It is also an integral part of your home’s security system. A malfunctioning garage door provides easy access to your home and garage, leaving your belongings and family vulnerable. You’ve put a lot of time, money, and sweat equity into your […]